SMS via Internet

This post is basically pointless. I wanted to test efficiency of my HD2 android keyboad while sitting idle in a bus n blog about something, but nothing came to my mind, hence this stupid topic.

Sending SMS via internet. I know most of us have expired accounts with indiarocks which were created just to send free SMS in olddays. Now I came across (courtesy Stumble-upon) a useful hasselfree website which provides free SMS service to individual users and paid SMS service to companies and corporates –

This site is professionally managed and bassically targets corporates that engage in tele-marketing via SMS. The website provides many packages and options for corporate clients to suit their individual requirements. Free SMS service – (maximum 50 per month) is given to personal users. I was impressed by their innovative “sms-target-system” that personalises marketing content to target audience. On the whole, the website is good and pleasing. It is definitely going to strike rare cord of success with the corporate clients in tele-marketing sector.

Epilogue: WordPress Android App is cool for easy blogging. Android Keyboard is mindblowing for a touch based device!  Porting Android into Hd2 was worth every risk I had to undertake.


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