Why all KSRTC buses have to enter Aluva bus stand?

I’m furious about the new traffic regulations implemented in Aluva. All the vehicles coming from the Perumbavoor side are deviated to the court-road and demanded to travel an additional distance of 2kms to reach the railway station junction instead of the direct approach of 200m by A.M Road. This stupid traffic novation is done to reduce the traffic congestion at Bunk junction.

But what I understand from the ground realities is that all the congestions in alwaye are caused by KSRTC buses which insist on unnecessarily visiting the bus stand located deep inside aluva town. Even buses destined to Angamaly and Airport unnecessarily deviate 5-6km into the aluva town from National highway to make this stupid trip. Its a funny fact that even passengers intending to board these buses do not choose to wait in KSRTC bus stand, but they wait near NH junction. If these trips are to help train passengers, then they are very few and can be accomodated in other buses flying frequently along the palace road.

Therefore, its a matter of general importance that a public opinion needs to be formulated about the necessity of every KSRTC buses to visit the aluva bus stand. According to me its a general waste of money,time and fuel; and also the real cause for traffic block in Aluva


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