Extend metro rail to Perumbavoor !

The collection reports of recently introduced Volvo AC Buses would reveal that maximum profit is derived from buses plying in EKM-PBVR route.  Perumbavoor is an industrial satellite town of Ernakulam located 32kms east, at the intersection of two primary state highways -MC Road and AM Road. The daily commuters from Perumbavoor to Ernakulam far exceed inflow of people from any other region. Being an industrial town, Perumbavoor is burping with business and migrant labours. It has made Perumbavoor very thickly populated and wealthy in comparison to other historically important, but presently inferior towns like N.Paravoor and Muvattupuzha. However, Perumbavoor lacks proper transportation facilities like most of the other towns in Kerala. There is neither any railway station nor many roads to sustain the industrial growth of the municipality.

The Kochi Metro Rail is a dream project of every malayali. Today’s newspaper carried an advertisement that UDF Government is finally laying stone for the Metro-Rail project. It is not sure, how many more of those stones are needed to make the project a reality, but nevertheless it is a positive step in the right direction.

At this juncture I would like to suggest that the metro rail project should be extended to Perumbavoor also, at least in the second phase, so as to address the aspirations of the people of the region. It is heresy knowledge that there are plans for extending the metro rail to Nedumbassey/Airport in its second phase of expansion. In that phase, if the alignment of the metro rail project is given a minor detour to Perumbavoor, it could cater the needs of an extra million people, and provide maximum value to the investment. Perumbavoor is only 5kms aerially away from the International airport [but 15km by road]. So such a realignment of metro rail project is possible and feasible. It could also serve people of high range areas like Adimaly, Munnar, Kothamangalam etc, as Perumbavoor acts as their base town. Further, presence of daily commuters from Perumbavoor would give assured returns to the project vis-a-vis occasional commuters to the airport.

Hence, it is suggested that Kochi Metro Rail may be extended to Perumbavoor from Aluva, and then alone be routed to Nedumbassery/Airport. It would be in the best interest of Greater Cochin as well as the State of Kerala


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