Internet Banking in Bank of Baroda – A brain frying exercise!

Never ever open a Bank of Baroda account, if internet banking is a priority! I didn’t open mine! My old senior opened it for me, and my first pay-cheque got encashed in Bank of Baroda, Ernakulam North Branch. So, I am retaining it merely due to the said nostalgia. Basically, it is a stupid bank, with some branches, and ATM-CDM kiosks. Apart from that, there is no decent Mobile App, Internet Banking system or proper UPI connectivity. True-caller is its UPI partner! So, guess the state of things at Bank of Baroda.

One should crawl into the branch! It is for security!

This write up is about the super-complex Internet Banking system of Bank of Baroda. It is so secure that a customer will eventually end up locking his own bank account. It is not designed to facilitate internet backing, but rather, it is a memory test for all its customers – about his/her grandmother’s maiden name, name of the first pet dog, and such other things. In any login, one will have to pass the said memory test, enter his phone number and system generated OTP, just reach the Home page. OPTs are 8digits long. If any of your password is more than 180days old, you are dead. You should play the memory game again, and enter OPTs again, just to renew those password. Memory game has more than twenty one questions! So guess the chance of anyone remembering it all! Then, memory-responses are case-sensitive to make the system air-tight secure. If you accidentally, double clicks any button, or copy-paste any entry, you will be thrown back to square one. Then there are several java run-time-errors, obviously expected from such complex system! If you are lucky, you may able to check your bank balance online! Or else you will end up locking the account itself.

I wonder who is behind this complex layout of Bank of Baroda Internet Banking. He genuinely hates the bank, and wants all the customers to flee to other banks. I have about 9bank accounts, in different banks, and none of it is so complex and frustrating. Bank of Baroda fries the brain!


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