Candlelight Justice

This was the state of affairs in Wakf Tribunal, Ernakulam, today morning (on 26.5.2017). No electricity, no ventilation light. The judge was given a candle, to see minimum. The lawyers were given their colonial gown. Everyone had super fun, courtesy the unforgiving summer.


Vayaliparambil, Vazhakkala Annex..!


A dream come true.. A home for my twins to run around.. Some land for me to plant trees.. Introducing my new address – Vayaliparambil, Moolepadam Road, Vazhakkala, Kakkand West – 682030. Everyone is invited.!

Podcast replaces FM Radio

I have 20 minutes drive to reach my office at Paramara Road. In the car while driving, Radio Mango 91.9 and Club FM 94.3 were my companions to kill the traffic. But things changed when I downloaded ‘Podcast Addict’ in my mobile phone. It has a wide range of on-demand audio entertainment programs to enjoy the spare the time spent inside the car. My favourite podcast stations are:

  1. Economist – Editors Pick
  2. BBC Documentaries
  3. Legal Talk Network
  4. TED Radio Hours
  5. Criminal
  6. This American Life

Podcast has the edge to kill the dominance of FM Radio inside the car. I am sure, some time in near future, this is going to happen, in Kerala too.

The First Sports Magistrate of Kerala!


The Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Kakkanad, Ernakulam is functioning underneath an Open Sports Stadium 🏇🚴.. May be it is to enable the Magistrate to award sentences like two laps around the turf, instead of the usual boring sentences like standing till the raising of the court 🙂 :mrgreen:! #Judiciary #Court #Sports #Kerala

PS: For those who are in search of this newly established Court House, it is situated 100meters beyond the Thrikkakara Police Station, on the same road where Thrikkakara Sub-Registry Office and Red-Cross situate.

In Love with Nano..!

The transition from bike happened after a sting of stiff neck experience and discovery of a vestigial bone call cervical rib, that was squeezing my nerves.  The Doctor said “no more biking”. I have always maintained that a two weeler is the best mode of transport, in kochi, unless you have the luxury of time and a chauffeur. I didnt have both.

During the initial days after the forced transition, I used Ford Figo. The driving experience in city was so horrible, I hated my life, being wasted on traffic jams. There were days I was forced to drive around Kerala High Court, three four times, just to find a parking space. In two weeks, I decided to buy a compact car like Tata Nano or Mahindra Riva, for the sake of convenience. After some consultation with my auto-enthusiastic friends, I squared on Tata Nano Twist XT.

The on-road price of Nano Twist XT is 2.60Lakhs, in Kochi. The car was delivered on the third day of booking, and I have been using it for a month.

Exhilarating, Liberating and Economical !!! are the terms I would use to deacribe the driving experience of Nano Twist. The car is so easy to handle, park and drive in city-traffic, it is the ideal second car, one can opt for. The seating is perfectly suited for a six feet like me, unlike the deep seating of most of the popular cars. Nano can zip through the unofficial two-wheel lane, like an auto-rickshaw. The acceleration is mind-blowing and without comparison. It doesnt have the infamous kudu-kudu-auto-rickshaw sound generally attributed, at-least inside the cabin. The car is spacious, despite the compact size. Honestly speaking,  I’m in love with Tata Nano. I dont know why people is so prejudicial about it, and thinks so low about it. Nano is the best car and the most used one, among the five cars I have at home. Drive it once before making a judgment, you will understand it yourself.

Cosmopolitan city of Perumbavoor


I’m obsessed with the greatness of my home town – Perumbavoor. Its a beautiful place, with vibrant people. The industrial capital of Ernakulam. The city of migrant labours and the land of opportunities. Now, the first place to have Oriya and Hindi Church Mass, making Perumbavoor, the true cosmopolitan city of Kerala.

The day of Yellow


On the day of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi, a textile shop at palarrivattom, has choosen the auspicious yellow as the display theme.