Candlelight Justice

This was the state of affairs in Wakf Tribunal, Ernakulam, today morning (on 26.5.2017). No electricity, no ventilation light. The judge was given a candle, to see minimum. The lawyers were given their colonial gown. Everyone had super fun, courtesy the unforgiving summer.


Epson M205 All-in-One Mono Ink Tank Printer – User Review

It was with much expectations that I bought Eposon M205 Print/Scan/Copier Ink Tank Inkjet printer, three months back, from But within these three months, I had to call the customer service center thrice to repair the printer. The basic problem with this printer is with its paper feeder. The paper feeder of the printer (not ADF), is noisy and seriously faulty. The printer does not intake the papers properly. And even if it does, many times, the printer would simply eject the paper without printing anything, as if the paper was not inserted properly. It is a frustrating exercise to print 10pages in this printer.

Another problem with this printer is with its paper-jam-sensors. Even if no paper is jammed inside the printer, it would show that some paper is jammed inside. Switching the printer off-n-on for two to three times, would magically remove the jammed paper, and resolve the problem.

The Customer Service Center of Epson in Kochi, Kerala is another frustrating point. They would never answer the phone in their published phone number. One has to go to that place and invite the person to repair the printer. Once they could not even repair the printer at one go, but made me wait for a week for obtaining some part of this faulty printer.

On a whole, I would not recommend this printer to anyone. If Epson is kind enough to take mine back and refund my money, I would be much obliged !

Podcast replaces FM Radio

I have 20 minutes drive to reach my office at Paramara Road. In the car while driving, Radio Mango 91.9 and Club FM 94.3 were my companions to kill the traffic. But things changed when I downloaded ‘Podcast Addict’ in my mobile phone. It has a wide range of on-demand audio entertainment programs to enjoy the spare the time spent inside the car. My favourite podcast stations are:

  1. Economist – Editors Pick
  2. BBC Documentaries
  3. Legal Talk Network
  4. TED Radio Hours
  5. Criminal
  6. This American Life

Podcast has the edge to kill the dominance of FM Radio inside the car. I am sure, some time in near future, this is going to happen, in Kerala too.

Deforestation of Munnar.

The scene depressed my heart and made me video the rampant deforestation of Idukki District, apparently supported by the Kerala Government. It is happening inside the Shola National Park, which located on the forest-road to Vattavada from Munnar (via Mattupetty). Although the locality is supposed to be ecologically sensitive and  is dedicated to wildlife and forestry, there is no end to cutting down of trees and deforestation.  Here are some more photos which would expose the extend of  desertification conducted by Kerala Wildlife department.

deforestation of munnar


On inquiry, I was informed that on an average about 100-loads of woods are transported daily from Munnar-Vattavada region to Perumbavoor, my hometown, which is the epicentre of plywood and wood-based industries. It is rather an irony of life that my own law-firm represents the majority of plywood companies of Perumbavoor. Nevertheless, I am deeply offended by the adverse impact on environment, those companies cause in this part of the State. Such divergent forces within oneselves are responsible for holistic inaction and dalliance in the matter of environment and conservation.

Kerala requires a proper affirmative policy for sustainable development of its forest, wildlife and wood-based industries. We are erroneously basking on the glorious green of the god’s on country. Our state is far behind in planting trees or caring for the environment. It surprises me that Tamil Nadu, a relatively dry state, has far more trees planted along the roads than Kerala. Malayalies are happy to axe any tree to provide parking lots for shopping malls or clear-sight for illuminated hoardings.

The government should step in to change the attitude of malayalies and make them care for the environment. A concession in land-tax/building-tax for those growing enough tress on their properties would be a great idea to begin with.

Pension of corrupt officials should be forfeited completely

I am surprised at the recent policy decision taken by the UPA Government to reduce pension of officials facing corruption charges by 10% for the first 5years, and 20% for those voluntarily retiring pending criminal charges. The decision is apparently a lenient one, and perhaps intended only to shift public debate from Lokpal Bill. If the government is serious in thier so-called fight against corruption, the pension benefits of retired bureaucratic babus facing corruption charges should be withheld 50% pending litigation, and if found guilty, their entire pension should be forfeited. Such resilient actions alone would check the menace of corruption in India.