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New taxi plying without fare – Life of a Junior Lawyer

This is what I feel about my life. A brand new taxi, driven by my three Seniors, indiscriminately for achieving their ends, without even paying for petrol, leaving me struggling to earn monthly CC.

My Life

My Life

Though I dont have  any CC to remit, what I really meant was –  meeting my own expenses. I was born in an upper-middle class family and always led a life of no responsibilities. But now things have changed. Upside down exactly.  I got enrolled as an Advocate and is currently practising in Kerala High Court under a very reputed Senior advocate (widely known for his short temper).

Gone are those days when I could tell Appa’s clerk to deposit money in my bank account, because now he expects me to earn in millions and buy him Onam kodis since I am a High court lawyer and he is just a lower court clerk.

My senior pays me Rs. 4000/- per month, which honestly is a decent amount in High court standards. But what he fails to understand is that price of  ‘Mubarrak Biriyani’ has gone up from Rs.30 for Full CB to Rs. 65 just in two years. Parotta and Pepper chicken is Rs.85. Not that I have only Biriyani and Pepper chicken, but the point is life in this big city is getting damn expensive, inclusive of even parking fees! How on earth I would survive on Rs.4000 when petrol and mobile bill itself come up to 1.5k per month ? Anyway, I learned the miss call tactics, which lately helped me cut my mobile bill into half, but again, what about petrol.? Last time when i went to make a representation (seek adjournment) before Debt recovery Tribunal and got back, a whole litre petrol was over because of CPI(M)’s BSNL Uparodam and subsequent traffic jam.

Another aspect is that I dont know to be a Yechi and cant claim travelling allowance or petty expenses like photostats from the firm. It may be my fault, but isn’t it the duty of Seniors to understand and take care of juniors.? Especially when they know that i’m not writing any petty vouchers or bills to defraud the firm as frequently done by others.? It is again disappointing to see a younger typist with 10th std certifictate, who cant type any faster than I can,  is given a bigger pay cheque than one given to me. Shouldn’t they be concerned about practical difficulties of a junior lawyer apart from chanting old slogans like Work like a horse, live like a hermit!’ Ya, as if there are so many mango trees  in city of kochi to pluck and feed my hunger and be a hermit.

Life gets worse when i think of my friends who showed the wisdom of joining the corporate world. Not that i want their job or their fat salary, but however, they would be living a far better life than me, especially with friends and all, and not like a hermit. The misery is that I don’t have many friends at High court nor do i intend to make many more. Firstly, it’s not easy to make friends in High court as the one you see today wont be there tomorrow, and Secondly, not many can be befriended in Eight-floors-concrete-jungle where most are worse than wild animals lurking in dark gowns to strike down a junior lawyer like  me and eat the flesh. I tell you, the worst in this profession has not yet happened. The degeneration of ethics and solicitation of briefs are just the beginning. If the financial predicament of junior lawyers are not immediately addressed, i’ d say liquidation of this noble profession is certian.

Whatever.. I see this whole experience as an investment. An investment to future, brighter career. A junior lawyer should invest his time. It is his capital for future growth.  My appachan, a wise man, long before he got alzheimers and joined the majority, told me that Even those who wait patiently in the queue would be served lunch.’ Though I’m not sure whether it would apply to profession of lawyers, i think i’d rather follow him than deign to haggle to earn my CC.

So for now i’d be a taxi plying pro bono senioro and hope that life would turn around some day.

P.S : I wrote this blog 8 months ago, but left it in drafts without posting. I’m doing it now coz my patience has payed off and I’m earning my CC. Not just CC but also extras for LIC, chitty etc. Now i’m not just a taxi for my seniors but also a Taxi Plying for Hire.. 😀