National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 – A step backwards in protection of environment

This is a classic satire that happens only in India. National Green Tribunal Act, 2010, enacted to protect nature and environment, does only one thing in reality – it lets the gradual degradation of environment. How is it done? Its simple. There is only one Tribunal constituted at New Delhi, with four camp sitting sites at Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai.

Till now, if there is any illegal activity damaging environment, the aggrieved could have easily filed a suit in the nearby civil court and get proper injunction. Similarly, the High Courts also entertained environment related issues and actively engaged in protecting the same. However, after the enactment of National Green Tribunal Act, 2010, the jurisdiction of Civil Courts and High Courts to try environment related issues, stands excluded. The new Act demands transfer of all pending environment cases to the Tribunal ie to New Delhi.

Hereafter, no case would be tried effectively but all cases in India would be transferred and dumped into a single Tribunal. It would ensure effective stagnation of all cases and gradual degradation of the environment. If one in Kerala has to complain about anyone damaging environment, he has to travel to Chennai. It would make him spend more money and effectively restrain common man from working for preservation of the nature. The local environmental activists would compulsorily retired or parceled to New Delhi.

What an idea Sirji.. happens only in India.